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Invitation for Property Managers

PROPERTY MANAGERS – Is Your Landscaping Giving Your Tenants The Wrong Idea?

Have you settled for less than desirable results each month with regards to your landscape maintenance?  Are you tired of not getting what you’re paying for and having your commercial properties not look their absolute best?  Are you fed up with having to “chase down the landscaper” to point out what needs to be done on your property this week – because you’ve realized they’re not paying attention to detail?

Maybe this sounds familiar, and maybe you’ve tried switching landscapers in the past, only to see minimal or no improvement. If you can relate to any of the above scenarios, then Valley Verde might be your solution.

What would it mean to you to find a landscape company that you don’t have to micromanage?  One who you know you could trust to do the job they say they will do?  One who takes care of all the details?  One who communicates regularly and effectively with you and your staff?  One you know you could trust to keep your property in immaculate condition all of the time?

At Valley Verde, “It’s our job to make you look good”.  That’s why we believe in working together and communicating regularly, to ensure that you are happy with the job we provide week after week.  As a Property Manager, we know that you have a myriad of things to oversee- having a beautifully maintained property, working with a reputable and honest landscape company, and staying within your budget are things you shouldn’t have to struggle with.

Through the years, Valley Verde has helped many Property Managers just like you consistently improve the value of their properties, maximize their curb appeal, and increase tenant satisfaction- while staying within budget parameters.

Let us show you how we can help improve the aesthetics of your commercial properties and make your investment in landscape maintenance worthwhile.  Typically within 30 days, we can transform even the ugliest of properties into eye-appealing sites.  Improved curb appeal brings more customers for your tenants, which makes your tenants happy, which leads to more opportunity to fill empty storefronts, which leads to increased revenue for you.  It’s a win-win for everyone.

If you’re looking for a change, let us help.  Take a look at the pictures below of commercial sites we’ve transformed for other Phoenix area Property Managers.  You’ll see how we’ve been able to take properties from “ugly” to “amazing” by working together, paying attention to detail, and delivering the service we say we will deliver.  With Valley Verde, it’s not about being the biggest- it’s about being the best.

Before and After Jobs

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